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Holiday baking
Keely and I started some of our holiday baking. We made gingerbread cookies with cream cheese frosting, Keely's World class brownies, some blondies, and some German Honey cookies. I still have to make some dark chocolate and hazel nut cookies, some gooseberry tarts, and a number of stollen. I am thinking about making a cherry walnut stollen later this week.

Keely enjoyed the baking and tasting.

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Dammit!! I was going to send you stollen, but no doubt it won't be as good as the stuff you're already baking for yourself, so rackin' frackin' grumble back to the thimking board ...

Meanwhile, if they can get this item back in stock in a timely manner, it will be coming in time to house Keely's Yule Cocoa. (Please tell me she doesn't already have one ... please?!)

You do not need to send us anything. Thank you for the thought. Keely does not having anything like Elwood the Unicorn.

I baked 6 stollen so far and they are now gone. I took them to work and they were devoured! The Cherry Walnut stollen were the favorite and disappeared first.

It's backordered, but I'm ordering anyway so she can have it, even if not in time for Yule. Order # is 3777583. May be as late as 9 Jan. :( I'm hoping for sooner ...

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