Yesterday was a good day. Keely and I finished decorating the tree. I let her do all the ornaments after I put up the lights and Santa on the top.

Later the girlfriend took Keely and I out to a Thai place for dinner. The girlfriend has to go on a week long business trip so she gave Keely her birthday present early with the condition that Keely can not open it until her birthday on the 15th. This is driving Keely nuts already.

I got a $25 gift card to a bookstore and a really nice cast iron enameled pot.

Keely and I are staying here this year for Yule.

Holiday baking
Keely and I started some of our holiday baking. We made gingerbread cookies with cream cheese frosting, Keely's World class brownies, some blondies, and some German Honey cookies. I still have to make some dark chocolate and hazel nut cookies, some gooseberry tarts, and a number of stollen. I am thinking about making a cherry walnut stollen later this week.

Keely enjoyed the baking and tasting.


Happy birthdday dbmyrrha !

 I just do not have the patience to not cuss while working on renovating the bathroom.  Lucky for me Keely is at school and Rhomylly is putting up with the language.  I never did have the patience for this kind of work, but I have lots of patience when it comes to researching or gardening.


We are buying this house!
 This house has passed inspection and the seller has accepted our offer.

Two Rivers
Picnic Hill


No massive roadtrip
I finally got in contact with the person from Grand Rapids and found out they just wanted to inform me that I did not make the final cut. So today I am off to Springfield, Illinois for my interview there and then I will return home by Sunday.

Oh Well.

My LJ is private. If you are interested in friending me please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you.


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